Experience the warm Fijian culture with one of these authentic Fiji travel packages.

On these pristine islands, you’ll quickly understand why the natives don’t want to be influenced by the outside world. Their traditional way of life has remained unchanged for centuries and leaves the enchanting scenery in which they dwell completely unspoiled.

These itineraries feature resorts where you’ll feel as if you are staying in a real Fijian village surrounded by thatched roofs and friendly smiling faces, but you’ll still enjoy modern luxuries. Focus is put on the warm Fijian Culture both in design and experience. Visit local villages, schools and churches to meet the Fijian locals. You’ll experience the relaxing Kava Ceremony, a traditional meeting ritual performed when accepting guests or visitors into a village. See Meke Dances, a traditional Fijian dance with storytelling through song often performed on the beach. And indulge a Lovo feast, the traditional way of slow cooking meals for hours in an underground oven.

Experience why the Fijian people are the happiest people in the world on your Fiji vacation.

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