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About Fiji is a subsidiary of About Australia, specializing in travel to Fiji. About Australia is a wholesaler that specializes in vacations to Australia, New Zealand & South Pacific. Visit Fiji or combine a Fiji vacation with a trip to Australia and New Zealand. Our Destination Specialists are experts in Australia, New Zealand & Fiji vacations, and will help you plan your ultimate tropical island trip!

The South Pacific is a region full of contrasts and wonder.  Australia’s alluring beaches and diverse wildlife, New Zealand’s gorgeous alpine landscapes and Fiji’s lush, tropical islands make for an exciting vacation filled with a variety of adventure. Visit famous cities like Sydney and tour the iconic Sydney Opera House. Test your courage and sky dive or bungy jump in New Zealand’s Queenstown, the Adventure Capital of the World. Then soak up the sun in white sand beaches and discover the friendly and warm hospitality abound in Fiji. Our Australia, New Zealand & Fiji vacations allow you to experience ultimate adventure and relaxation, all in one amazing trip.

We’ll help you get the most out the tropical South Pacific, tailored to your vacationing style. Get the fun, rugged outdoor experience with incredible hikes in Australia’s inspiring Outback, or traverse the dense forests, rolling green pastures and stunning blue lakes of New Zealand. Explore the vibrant marine life among the Great Barrier Reef or the world’s best dive sites found in Fiji. Pet koalas and see New Zealand’s iconic kiwi bird in an intimate wildlife showcase.

Experience fine dining and shopping in world class cities like Melbourne in Australia or Auckland in New Zealand, and even get a taste of the growing wine regions throughout the South Pacific. If you’re looking to relax in the best beaches, our vacation packages include some of the most beautiful beaches you’ll find in the world. From the Sunshine Coast in Australia to the crystal blue waters and private beaches in Fiji, get ready to lose yourself in paradise.

Our South Pacific experts make it easy for you to plan your tropical island getaway. Check out our prepared Australia, New Zealand & Fiji vacations or let us build a custom vacation package filled with everything you want out of your trip and more!

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